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Permanent Makeup by Nora Zaychik

Bringing the safest German semi-permanent makeup line - Long Time Liner - to the USA.


Healthy Solutions, Tailor-Made for You

The magic word is LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Makeup. A recipe of beauty with regard to the most diverse of contours.
It is not only about highlighting and giving support to natural beauty but also concealing problem areas in the skin´s natural pigment. Conture® Makeup has been applied since 1987 and now thousands of satidfied customers agree every single day that putting make up on is a thing of the past. We guarantee you precision, perfection and style.
The only thing that matters to us is: if you're happy, we're happy.



The Difference You’re Looking For


Customized For Your Needs


Truly Exceptional Results

Permanent Eyebrows


For perfecting our Conture® Make-up method, the company continues to take every effort for research and development our pigmentation device.
Since the introduction of the ultra-fine pigmentation device 20 years ago, it has changed drastically. We manufactured our professional ultra-fine pigmentation Conture® MED 2000 device in order to improve on our previous, first generation LONG-TIME-LINER® model and second generation LONG-TIME-LINER® Turbo models. Compared to those previous models, the new Conture® MED 2000 device incorporates more know-how and a wider range of applications. The Conture®  MED 2000 is not only highest-quality device, but also unsurpassed hygienic quality comfirmed by many physicians and medical professionals.


Word of Mouth

It's been a few years since I first came to Nora. She has an amazing combination of gentle experienced touch, easy going cheerful personality and amazing aesthetics. I have a noticeable asymmetry and she handled that very nicely. I now look younger than 10 years ago. Highly recommend!

Anya Laur

Nora did an amazing job!!! She's very gentle, courteous and has an aesthetic approach in creating the right shapes and proportions. She creates the most natural looking enhancement that's very pleasing to the eye. It greatly improved the appearance of my eyebrows and lips. Thank you so much!!!!

Anna Kripitser

I have a crown on my left eyebrow causing my to appear to have half of an eyebrow on that side. They are dark Brown and if I didn't draw them in it would look very odd. It was a constant embarrassment. I've been very self conscious of it since I was a child. When choosing my seat in a restaurant I would always choose the seat that my left side would be hidden. 
Since having my eyebrows tattooed I get constant compliments on how amazing they look. I wake up and am so happy that I don't have to stress over them all day. I'm thrilled with the results even though It hurt like omg! I have a low tolerance to pain mind you... Thank you Nora! You changed my life

Rebecca Poskey


1433 Mile Post Drive, Dunwoody GA 30338

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Permanent Makeup Procedure
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